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Our Vision behind Think It BIG …

November 9, 2010

Knowing that every great innovation, social cause or major scientific breakthrough in history has come as a result of someone daring to think shahriar shahabidifferent and following through on their belief, hunch or gut feeling, Think it BIG too was launched in the same fashion.  Our mission is to encourage the education system of the 21st century to adapt to the changing times by incorporating creativity into their curriculum.

To do that we have a plan.

At Think it BIG our ethos revolves around two fundamental criteria for learning, thinking different and taking action (taking a chance) and as such we have created the Elite Minds Program or (EMP) as we like to call it that will help young aspiring change makers / entrepreneurs / social advocates bring their ideas to life in under 120 days.

THINK IT BIG also plays a secondary role in connecting some of the best and brightest practitioners across industries together through its Global Alliance Network (GAN) where at any point in time we can leverage experience to assist our EMP entrepreneurs move their ideas through its growth stages.

For anyone interested in taking part in our EMP program all you have to do is sign up and we will work with you in bringing your idea(s) to life and in the process change the world for the better, it’s time to THINK IT BIG

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